Common name: fenvalerate(BSI,ISO)

Trade name:Azomark; Belmark; Ectrin; Extrin; Fenvalethrin; Fenkill; Gold Crest Tribute; Moscade; Pydrin; Pyrid; San Marton; Sumibac; Sumicidin; Sumicombi; Sumifleece; Sumifly; Sumitik; Sumitox; Tirade;

Alias:OMS-2000; S-5602; SP-43775; WL-43775

Chemical name: α-Cyano-3-phenoxy benzyl(R,S)-2-(4- chlorophenyl)-3-methyl butyrate

Structural formula:


Molecular formula:C25H22ClNO3

Molecular weight:419.91

Properties: pure product is white transparent oily liquid. Raw material (with 92% fenvalerate) is yellow or brown viscous liquid. Density is 1.175(25℃), boiling point is 300℃(4.93kPa), octanol-moisture partition coefficient (23℃) is 1.03×105, vapor pressure is 37.3μPa(25℃). Solubility in water at 23℃ is 0.02mg/L, in xylene, methyl alcohol, acetone and trichloromethane>50%, in hexane is 13.4%, in ethylene glycol<0.1%.

Formula:10%, 20% and 30% EC WP; powder; WDL agent (10%); ultra-low volume spraying agent, 20% fenvalerate EC and sumicidine 20% EC.